Calcutta Bamboo

Calcutta Bamboo - Poles/ Fishing Tackle

Description of Calcutta Bamboo: Dendrocalamus Strictus, local name or nick name is known as Calcutta Bamboo, Male Bamboo or Iron Bamboo, is a very strong and useful bamboo species. The most peculiar aspect of the plant is the solid culm as there is no hollow part in it sometime the lower parts of the culms solid. This is the only bamboo timber that once cured, can be nailed without cracking.

This Bamboo is the best Bamboo in the world compare to any other Bamboo. It looks is not great like Tonkin Bamboo but in character and usefulness it is best, no comparison with any Bamboo, specially this is an ideal Bamboo for Fishing and Fencing purpose.

Sourcing Zone: Calcutta bamboo is the most widely used bamboo in India, because it is the most common species of bamboo found in the Indian forest and is available in every state in India. This species is also found in Burma, Bangladesh and Thailand. Calcutta Bamboo cultivation has been promoted throughout India, as well as in other countries like Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

Use of Calcutta Bamboo: Genuine Calcutta Bamboo FISHING PRODUCTS has been used for hundreds of years in the commercial fishing industry and is still in use today on many boats mainly for commercial fishing for huge tuna with “Lift” or “Jack” poles. This bamboo is extremely strong, durable, attractive. To day most of the fisherman use Calcutta Bamboo because it is the best product available! It is stronger and stiffer than aluminium, fiberglass, or stainless steel. It would not bend or kink like metal, there is no corrosion, and it is more durable than other types of wood.

Our Company is the harvester and exporter of 100% Pure Natural Calcutta Bamboo in India. We are the exporter since 1988 and from 2001 the company involved in Bamboo and Bamboo Products.

Calcutta Bamboo Pole is used for Fishing, Knocking Almonds, Fencing and also very much useful for making SKI Poles, Gaff.

Bamboo is a pure Natural Product crafted by us.


Our Calcutta Bamboo Speciality:
  1. Bamboo is Crooked by birth. Straightness is done through the process of Smocking, as far as possible
  2. Bamboo’s are Solid, Strengthy and Tight.
  3. Closer Nods.
  4. Bamboo is a Mature Bamboo.
  5. Bamboo is Taper at the end.
  6. Bamboo’s are Flexible and Whippy.
  7. Bamboo is Treated. GURANTEE No Termite, No Weevil.
  8. Bamboo is having No Crack / Decay.


Length: 5 Ft to 24 Ft. (Lesser FT also available)
DIA: 25 mm to 44 mm.

We can also craft as per the Customers Specification.

We always ship selected Bamboo after proper checking and inspection.