Calcutta Bamboo

Calcutta Bamboo - Faq

  1. What is “Calcutta Bamboo”?
    Ans: There is no Bamboo in the world by the name “Calcutta Bamboo”. Actually Calcutta Bamboo is the nick name or local name of “Dendrocalamus Strictus” / Bambusa Tulda. Calcutta Bamboo is NOT the scientific name of Bamboo.

  2. What is the scientific name of the Bamboo?
    Ans: Scientific Name is : Dendrocalamus Strictus / Banbusa Tulda / Bambusa Arundinacea. Dendrocalamus Strictus is a Bamboo species belonging to the Dendrocalamus Genus. Other two Bamboo’s is a Bamboo Species belonging to the Bambusa Genus.

  3. What is the purpose of this Bamboo?
    Ans: Dendrocalamus Strictus, Bambusa Tulda and Bambusa Arundinacea is very much useful for making Fishing Tackle, for making SKI Poles, for making Gaff, useful for making Furniture, Fencing, knocking of Almonds and several other purpose.

  4. What is the special features of our Bamboo?
    Ans: Culms are very solid and strong. Dense Wall. Nods are Closer. Long Durability.

  5. What is the size of your Bamboo?
    Ans: Our Bamboo available from 4 Ft to 25 Ft. DIA: 10mm to 44 mm. Or as specified by our customer.

  6. Do your Bamboo treated or untreated?
    Ans: We supply both treated and untreated Bamboo. But we always prefer treated Bamboo.

  7. How you do the treatment?
    Ans: We treat the Bamboo in several ways: Leaching, Smoking, Borax and Boric Acid Mixture and above all CCB Treatment. (Copper, Chrome and Boron)

  8. Why treatment is necessary?
    Ans: By Treatment Fungi or Insects can be removed. Above Treatment removed TERMITE or WEEVIL attack in the Bamboo forever.

  9. Do Bamboo Crack?
    Ans: Yes, Bamboo can crack, if proper care not taken by the processor or user. It may also crack due to poor handling at the time of transportation loading and unloading. Bamboo might crack if placed under sun for a prolonged period. We cannot give guarantee of cracking during Shipping and Loading and Unloading at your end.

  10. Do Bamboo Break?
    Ans: Bamboo may break if it is untreated Bamboo, if attacked by Termite or Weevil, if Bamboo is decay or cracked and most important if proper care not taken by the user in maintaining the Bamboo or proper adequate measures not followed at the time of fishing or using the Bamboo.

  11. Do you supply Bamboo which is cracked or broken?
    Ans: NO. We do not supply crack or broken Bamboo from our end. We check each and every piece at the time of Shipment. Guarantee from our side.

  12. Do your Bamboo free from Termite?
    Ans: Absolutely.

  13. Do you give guarantee of your Bamboo?
    Ans: Yes, we give guarantee about the Quality of our Bamboo.

  14. How do you the ship the goods?
    Ans: We ship the Bamboo by SEA in LCL or FCL Container.

  15. When is the best Season of Bamboo?
    Ans: Winter Season is the best season of Bamboo.

  16. How long you will take to ship the goods?
    Ans: It depends upon the Quantity, generally 4-5 months from the Order Date.

  17. Is there is any possibility of Bamboo getting damaged in Transit?
    Ans: Bamboo is a pure natural product it absorbs moisture due to temperature variations. In transit generally bamboo is not damaged, but sometimes Bamboo might get damaged in form of Crack/Split, Fungus, Mould etc. due to Condensation inside the container, which is absolutely due to natural environment.
    If it happens approach to the Insurance Company immediately, get the container and goods surveyed, by the surveyor.We ship all goods duly insured.
    Bamboo might also get cracked / split at the time of unloading from the container due to mishandling of the cargo.

  18. Is Bamboo refundable or exchangeable?
    Ans: Bamboo is a woody grass material, purely natural product. Sorry, No Return or exchange on Bamboo.

  19. Overall Concept of your Bamboo?
    a). No Two Bamboo is identical.
    b). Bamboo is different in colour and shape. (All Bamboos’s colour will not be same, if you apply nature concept).
    c). Bamboo will split or crack (But we do NOT supply crack bamboo).
    d). Bamboo is taper at the end.
    e). Smocking done for dark tan colour and straightness as far as possible.
    f). Bamboo is Treated, no bug, no insects.
    g). Peels and Scratches are normal in Bamboo. It happens due to collision between two Bamboo’s in bush, at the time of cutting Bamboo from the bush, at the time of scrapping of leaves and thick stem from the Bamboo and at the time of movement.
    h). Peels and Scratches do not affect the integrity of the Bamboo.

    Peels and Scratches can be removed through Sanding and Application of PU (Poly Urathene) on Bamboo, Urathene in mineral water colour or with mixing with colour of your choice.

    Application of URATHENE is best for smooth, wonderful look and longevity. It’s application resists the Bamboo from Moisture, Rain, Heat, Stain and Scratches.